Who We Are

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Who are Dublin Rural LEADER?

Fingal LEADER Partnership (Dublin Rural LEADER) was formed in 2008 with the amalgamation of Co-operation Fingal and Rural Dublin LEADER Company through a process known as cohesion. In this time Dublin Rural LEADER has delivered a wide range of European and National programmes such as LEADER 2007-2013, LCDP, TUS Community Policing, FAS LTI Training, Jobs Club, Care and Repair, Youth Mental Health Programme, Friends of ADHD Programme to great success.

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Dublin Rural LEADER is managed by a Board made up of up to 17 representatives from national social partners, community & voluntary sectors, and statutory sectors. The Board is the overall decision-making body on policy, appointments, and finance. The Board is responsible for deciding the strategic approach of the company, formulation of policy, and for the implementation of its programmes. The specific powers and duties of the Board are set out in the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, which were prepared in accordance with the Guidelines on the Governance of Integrated Local Development Companies and Urban Based Partnerships.

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The strategic roles of the Board are described below:

  • To maintain a long-term overview of Fingal LEADER Partnership Company Ltd. and its work
  • To make strategic, major, and often difficult decisions about the company’s objectives, policies, and procedures
  • To ensure that the company’s strategic plans are implemented in accordance with the company’s mission statement
  • To ensure that adequate resources (particularly people and funding) are available to implement the strategic plans
  • To guarantee that the expenditure of allocated funds will accord strictly with funding guidelines
  • To regularly monitor the implementation of the company’s strategic plans
  • To adjust the strategic plans in response to changing circumstances
  • To oversee and communicate with the committees, working groups, and associated special project working groups
  • To accept legal responsibility for the company’s strategy

All Board decisions are recorded in the minutes of Board meetings by the recording Secretary. Board meetings are held monthly, with a minimum of 8 in a year.

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DLR currently run three programmes promoting social inclusion, providing supports for enterprise development and employment creation, providing education opportunities reducing climate change and assisting community groups to find local solutions to local problems. The Rural Development Programme, in the entire rural area of county Dublin, Jobs Club in Swords and the Tús programme in North County Fingal.

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Local Action Group (LAG) / Financial Partner

The Local Action Group functions as the Board of the Dublin Rural LEADER Programme, making the final decisions on how funding is to be allocated and which projects are approved. It has representatives drawn from all three local authority areas participating in the programme.

The Dublin Rural LEADER Local Action Group is comprised of:

Chairperson: Laurence Ward, Farming and Agriculture, Fingal LCDC

Dr. Pat O‘Connor, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, Fingal

Adeline O’Brian, Empower, Fingal

Alice Davis, Public Participation Network, Fingal

Cllr. Cathal Bolan, Local Authority Member, Fingal LCDC

Cormac Shaw, Southside Partnership DLR, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown

Emer O’Gorman, Local Authority Offical, Fingal LCDC

Justin Byrne, Public Participation Network, South Co Dublin

Cllr. David McManus, Local Authority Member, South Dublin LCDC

Maire O’Brian, Public Participation Network, Fingal

Oisin Geoghegan, Local Enterprise Office, Fingal

Prof. Mary Corcoran, Community and Voluntary Interest South Dublin LCDC

Tom Kivlehan, Environmental Interest South Dublin LCDC

Colm Ward, Local Authority Official, South Dublin LCDC

Cllr.Lettie McCarthy, Local Authority Member, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown LCDC

Eilish Harrington, Local Development (Implementing Partner), Fingal LCDC

Tricia Nolan, Community and Voluntary Interest, South Dublin LCDC

The LAG’s were established in 2014 under the provision of Part 6 of the Local Government Reform Act. The LAG comprises of experienced public and private sector members, including local authority members and officials, State agencies and private sector local and community development representatives. Collectively they have extensive experience of the ‘served’ markets and communities across the three sub-regions contained in the Dublin Rural catchment area.


The Independent Evaluation Committee is an independent group whose experience, expertise and backgrounds provide a balanced perspective on the programme. It scrutinises proposals for project funding in depth and provides recommendations on each project to the Local Action Group.

Gillian Blackburn, Social Inclusion, F

Jim Colgan, Social Inclusion, DLR

Billy Linehan, Economic Development, F

Elaine O’Sullivan, Economic Development, F

Martin Daly, Economic Development, Fingal LEO

Maurice Cregan, Economic Development, F

Tony Murphy, Social Inclusion, F

Daire Enright, Tourism Development, Fáilte Ireland

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Fingal County Council


Dublin Rural LEADER


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Dublin Rural LAG

South Dublin


Dún Laoghaire
Rathdown LCDC

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