Maeve McCormack

I’m  a writer, facilitator and networker based in County Sligo. I’m self-employed, but regularly collaborate with business associates in delivering projects. I started attending SWIBN meetings in the early 2000’s. While much has changed since then, from a work perspective, the spirit of professional support and camaraderie in SWIBN has never ceased.

Each month I co-facilitate  a SWIBN meeting with Fran Best, I come away uplifted by the knowledge  that has been shared among members.

I’ve been living in Sligo since 1992, when I arrived as Executive Director of the Hawks Well Theatre, and managed the transition to the 350 seat venue it is today.

Since 1977, I’ve run my own consultancy providing: planning, mentoring training, evaluation,  corporate writing, appraisal public relations and public consultation services regionally and nationally. Clients come to me from SMEs, semi-state bodies, local authorities and private industry.  Separate form this, I pursue my written career and have had short stories, essays and poetry published in a range of journals.

Landing in Sligo in 1992 completely change the direct my life and career was taking, and I am grateful for that. There is no better place to live, and no better people to work with.